Recycled Artwork

These pieces surprisingly are created from recycled pieces of my art. There are several pieces that I have used as a base for this abstract. I take pieces of a variety of textures and artwork and place them on blank canvas. I try to connect them like puzzle pieces. Then I go about painting and... Continue Reading →

Geometric Doodles

Been sitting and creating these geometric style doodles on my iPad Pro. Not sure if i would ever use them but they are fun to create while I sit and watch TV or having a cup of coffee in Starbucks. This morning i thought- "How could I incorporated these in my mixed media collages"? Here is what... Continue Reading →

Watercolor Collages

Love to use a variety of textures in my collages. I have started to use my Tayasui watercolors in my collage pieces. Some a more subtle use and this one I think they are the star of the show. This piece is called The White Room and you can find this and many more at... Continue Reading →

“Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows.” -Henry David Thoreau  

Scanning Cardboard

There are so many fun pieces you can utilize in collage work. Two of my favorite finds are cardboard and catalog pages. In this piece I have a piece of cardboard from packaging. I sat and tore box up and then with a scissors I pealed back side to reveal that rippled corrugated look you... Continue Reading →

Red Wonderland

I said I would upload a piece using the word cloud create from Alice and Wonderland. Elements used for this collage are from scanned textures, digital paint created in Tayasui Sketches, compiled in Photoshop, and of course word cloud from worldle. The light grey-blue splash of watercolor was created with real watercolors and scanned into... Continue Reading →

Word Clouds

Love these cool free finds that are on the web. Wordle is a program that creates word clouds from pasted text of your choice. Its a little glitchy at least for me it was but after a few tries and adjustments I got a cool word cloud from a paragraph from Alice in Wonderland. I like... Continue Reading →

Flatiron District

Todays photo is from our weekend in NYC close to the Flatiron District. So many photo opportunities. This is one of my favorite pics of the weekend. The cloudy white sky was perfect to highlight details in the wonderful architecture. Interestingly The 21st floor of the building was added to The Flatiron Building three years after that... Continue Reading →

A Canary Sanctuary

This is one of my abstracts I created recently. I love recycled art. Art created from recycled elements or sometimes other people's garbage. Well this piece is made from an old abstract I created several years ago. Clips of it are embedded in this piece and then repainted.

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