Today’s Photo

I like photography but don't think it's one of my stronger skills. I actually take terrible pictures compared to my husband. But I really like getting out with my Olympus E-30 DSLR and capturing the interesting and the beautiful. My photoshop skills are definitely sharp. So I can take a really bad photo and make... Continue Reading →

Photoshop Brushes

I have started to upload some of my many brushes for sale on my website. I have hundreds of them. Mostly stamp style brushes. Each brush pack has anywhere from 4 - 10 brushes. The brush sizes are between 2000px - 5000px but of course if you worked with photoshop you know you can take... Continue Reading →

Blog Insanity

Well this week settling into which Blog engine I should use has given me such frustration that a couple days ago I was regretting ever considering a blog!

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