HDR Photography

I have a love-hate relationship with HDR photography. When photographing on bright sunny days I set my AE bracketing to on and will take 3-5 bursts of photos. It is especially helpful when photographing areas where there is extremely bright areas and dark shadow areas. In this photo there were pics where sky and back metal roof was completely blown out in highlights and a few that foreground area was dark, almost black. Without HDR merge it would have been difficult to get the above pic. My issue with HDR merge is the weird halo effects. In this case the two metal vents were surrounded by a white ghostly halo that looks completely unnatural. With a little extra work selecting the sky around vents and the lightening rod I could rework the sky and eliminate the halo. In the end I am pleased with this over saturated abstract photo but it took a lot more work then just merging 5 pics in HDR Photomerge in Photoshop. Do you have a better program or tool to eliminate halo effect? Would love to hear any ideas.


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