3D Collage

My 3D collages are the reason I got noticed and was included in the 2014 ARTExpo NY 2014. These collages are made of abstract 3D shapes I have created in Maxon C4D, digital photography elements, sometimes vector art and scanned textures. I compile all the elements in Adobe Photoshop where I do further tweaks.

I love creating these pieces but they are time-consuming. The render time on the 3D element can take an hour just for one piece. If they are glass abstracts can be 2 or more hours. Each piece may have 3-4 3D elements.

I haven’t really created many this year. Last year I created 3. I have gotten away from creating these pieces not cause of time it takes but I don’t sell that many. I sold one last year. The gentleman who bought the piece had it printed on metal. Looked amazing but to each his own. When people see them they are at first in awe, however one woman said to me its really cool but I don’t think I want it on my wall….too digital. I also find more men like them then women. In any case I have started a second page on my portfolio site for 3D collages. http://ginastartupart.com/3d-collage-1 For those who like digital art that look digital..Enjoy!


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