Blog Insanity

Well this week settling into which Blog engine I should use has given me such frustration that a couple days ago I was regretting ever considering a blog! I started with Wix and worked for days on the setup. When i finally completed the job I was so happy with the appearance and I was ready to go…. until I realized in order for visitors to leave a comment they had to have a facebook account and had to be logged in. As someone who detests Facebook this is not what I wanted. As I set about making changes to add another third party widget to use I ran into huge issue. The editor locked up and web page was loading so slow and still people couldn’t comment. I reached out to tech support with no response. I was within the 14-day trial period on the Premium plan so I immediately canceled my account.

I requested release of my url This will take 30 days to release. So now I wanted to find a blog that would give me a new temp domain for free and was easy to set up. I looked into Blogger, SquareSpace and at my sister’s, – Nicole Mueller -suggestion WordPress. I was reluctant to go with WordPress only cause a number of years ago I found WordPress overwhelming and got lost quickly. Blogger I noticed tech support was nearly non-existent. I could not find anything good on their tech support so I tried SquareSpace. SquareSpace had beautiful templates and loved my initial setup until I saw the price.

Finally I tried WordPress and initially i hated it cause I chose the wrong template. I kept at it cause of the good reviews and the price was so reasonable. I found a great template and when I ran into problems I got on tech support yesterday morning at 6am and was taken care of immediately. It was chat support which usually I’m not fond of but cause he could go into my settings and see the issue there was not a need for a lot of texting back and forth. He was  able to fix my issue within minutes. I didn’t even have to do it myself. I am finally set on my choice and happy with the appearance. Unfortunately I can not use my domain name I purchased with Wix, at least not for a month but Im ok with the

BTW just heard from Wix tech support by email. Two days later and after my 14-day trial period would have run out….nice try Wix.


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