There is Nothing New Under the Sun

Those words are from Ecclesiastes 1:9 and they can be applied to all creative fields- music, writing and visual arts. “What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work build on what came before. Nothing is completely original. -Austin Kleon. Many people ask me where I get my ideas from, what inspires me? Well here’s some people and places I look to: online there is Pinterest and Instagram. I don’t just skim these sites I study them. I see what other artists are doing. I examine colors, textures, composition. I ask my self what can I take out of this? What do I see here that I can take away and build on? Sometimes its the color palette, or the amazing textures that I try to replicate digitally. Other places are books and magazines on mixed media and collage techniques. A trip to Barnes & Noble to the art section and then an hour or two in the cafe has always produced an idea or two. Art museums and Galleries are places that get those creative juices flowing. The Abstract above was an idea I got when I saw this picture of sail boats under a golden sky. Some might call it copying or stealing but I agree with those words from Austin Kleon, its building on other ideas and then you take that idea and interpret it with your own ideas. Some pieces are just a hint of another artists idea, which sends you a completely different direction. When all is said and done your result could be not even remotely similar to your original plan and that’s really interesting when that happens. There are times when you might find something truly unique. Congratulations if that happens  What inspires you? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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