Mixed Media and Collage

Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. Collage involves a rearrangement of pre-existing elements, such as cut-up paper of all sorts (newspaper clippings, gift wrap, vintage ephemera, old book pages, stamps, postcards, etc), as well as various other small items glued to the surface of the paper, canvas, or wood. These pieces I create are a combination of both of these types of art. Instead of glue I use Photoshop. The pieces I have collected are from old catalogs, magazines, junk mail, packaging etc. I have also collected digital ephemera from a variety of sources online. True this is a no mess way of creating collage but it has taken a number of years for me to achieve the final look you see here in this example. I have created some custom photoshop brushes to help give it that textured layered look. All technical things aside these are my absolutely favorite things to create. I know they are not a fav amongst all my followers on Instagram and Twitter but for some reason my followers on Pinterest love them. They get repined  more then any of my other pieces. And that is all I need to know to keep creating them!


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