Mac or PC?

I know a controversial subject. For some more controversial then politics or religion. I have been on both sides of the fence so I feel like I can discuss this in a fair way. I am partial to one but non-judgmental toward the other.

Im a Mac but I began as a PC. My first copy of Photoshop was a Windows copy. I spent many years dividing my time between creating pretty pictures and the other half maintaining my PC. I had an Alienware gaming machine. It was a beast. I actually still have it siting in the corner of my office/art studio. I learned how to install video cards, audio cards and upgrading RAM. I learned how to restore my PC to factory settings and omg the worst… trying to fix conflicting drivers. I had a virus or two and regular attacks by hijacking software and trojan horses. When my anti-virus didn’t work I would get a glass a wine and do the very long tedious factory reset. Those were dark days. Of course all this work is worth it for some to have the freedom to alter the operating system and the machine to meet their individual needs.

I have family members and friends that love the maintaining and the rebuilding and the daily problem solving game “whats wrong with my PC today”. Its kinda like working on a sports car. There are some people (ha not being sexiest here, could be a girl I’m talking about…LOL) who love that, so some people like the tinkering part of having a nice car. Call me crazy but even if I had a Porsche 911 I wouldn’t want to tinker. I would just want that beautiful car to get me from point A to point B and make me look cool while doing it. And that people is exactly why I’m driving a Mac these days. They look soooo pretty, I don’t have to tinker and it definitely gets me to point A to point B…point B being beautiful art.


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  1. Totally agree! But the Mac is the sports car I can’t afford, so my work around is PC for all my photography work and Linux for all my online needs. Not having to connect my PC to the Internet is a time saving treat. Mac, yeah someday. Some things are worth waiting for.

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    1. Well thats why I mentioned PC is better for people who like maintaining or capable of maintaining a PC. You like tinkering under the hood so Windows and Linux is great for you. If I had a live in tech support maybe I would save the money and get a PC…..hmmm maybe not my Mac is so pretty. LOL


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