Best Watercolor App

Over the years I have tried pretty much every painting software that is on the market. In fact, I was a beta tester on Rebelle by EscapeMotions. At the time I was blown away by their watercolors. And I still say its one of the best digital watercolor applications on the market. Until I came across this piece of software by Tayasui called Sketches, an app I downloaded on my iPad Pro. The watercolor engine on this software will blow your mind. I have been uploading my work from this app and most people have no idea its digital watercolors. The way the water sits in the watercolor paper, the way it interact with the paper texture is amazing. This app is limited on brushes compared to Corel Painter or apps like Procreate but the few tools it has are so realistic it is worth the purchase. The Pen tool I use quite a bit. I like its feel an that little extra ink that hits the paper as you start to draw. The acrylic brush is ok as well as blender but these are not the stars of the show. Honestly other apps do these much better but if your looking for the most realistic watercolor tool outside of a real Winsor & Newton watercolor set, a glass of water and a Kolinsky sable-haired paint brush, this is the app for you!


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