If you have an iPad Pro I totally recommend Astropad. It’s not cheap but it’s worth the $29. There is a more expensive version, but this blog is about the standard one time fee version. So here’s the deal…install this app on your iPad and your MacBook or iMac. Make sure both devices are on the same network. Open app and all your desktop apps are available to work on your iPad. Basically you are using your iPad instead of a $2000 Cintiq Wacom tablet. Ok the Cintiq would be way cooler and if you have $2000 go for it! Then send me a pic so I can drool. Where was I? Oh yeah Astropad is a great app to take your creative software away from the desk. I can sit on my couch and create a painting in Corel Painter with all the options of the desktop apps. There are few little glitches. This could be my network but when I moved picture around in closeup view of my art, there was a second or two for the image to recalibrate, slight pixelation before you get the high res view. Another issue, not a glitch but a little annoyance. You have limited screen real estate compared to your desktop so takes a little maneuvering to decide which palettes you want to keep. In Corel Painter I created a custom palette of a few items I use constantly. Painter has dozens of palettes and they are all with in reach just don’t have every one out so they overwhelm your canvas. As far as the Apple Pencil or stylus working on the canvas, its flawless! Every stroke is instantly rendered. I also want to mention that you can connect your iPad to main device using the USB lightening port while working. It’s a nice option if you want to keep your battery charged. I haven’t tried it yet so can’t say for sure how fast rendering would be but I’m sure if it’s wired it would be instantaneous. Here is a screen shot of my iPad with Astropad app open with Corel Painter.


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