Conception Art Show

I have been invited to a Conception Art show to show my work along with other talented artists. The event will be  held in NYC on March 8th. Im busily preparing for the show getting my work printed on canvas and metal. You can buy tickets at the conception website. Hope to see you there.


Cold Blue Night

Cold Blue Night abstract featured in room using app ArtView. View more of my gallery here.

Photobook America

Just received my photobook portfolio and I am pleased with the results. Colors are true and quality of pages and book are satisfactory. Price was reasonable especially since it was a groupon deal. There are 26 pages and layout was completely editable. It was an easy layout interface. I plan on another book except it... Continue Reading →

Blue Eclipse (Framed)

I have been using FrameBuilder app to show what my art can look like properly framed and matted. This mixed media piece was created using Photopshop, Sketches on my iPadPro and C4D 3D elements.

HDR Photography

I have a love-hate relationship with HDR photography. When photographing on bright sunny days I set my AE bracketing to on and will take 3-5 bursts of photos. It is especially helpful when photographing areas where there is extremely bright areas and dark shadow areas. In this photo there were pics where sky and back... Continue Reading →

One Tall Tree

A lone tree captured in Quakertown, PA. with my Olympus E-30 "It is a tree of life to those who take hold of it, And those who keep firm hold of it will be called happy" - Proverbs 3:18

I have included a new page on my website that gives several examples of my work framed, sizes and pricing included. These prices do no reflect the price of the actual artwork. I have found framebridge to be reasonable in price and have a variety of options for sizes, matting and colors. Once my art... Continue Reading →

Cafe Around the Corner

This collage to date is my most popular artwork on Pinterest. Total engagements over a thousand, saved to 346 boards. Not my most colorful piece but definitely a popular one.

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